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Volume: 18 | Article ID: art00007_2
Jet-printed Lithography for Semiconductor Device Fabrication
  DOI :  10.2352/ISSN.2169-4451.2002.18.1.art00007_2  Published OnlineJanuary 2002

Phase-change wax-based printed masks, in place of conventional photoresist masks, were used to fabricate a-Si:H thin-film transistors (TFTs). Printed wax-mask features with a minimum feature size of ∼20 μm were achieved using an acoustic-ink-printing process. Both discrete and matrix addressing structured bottom-gate TFTs with sourcedrain contacts overlapping the channel were created using a four-mask process. The TFTs had I-V characteristics comparable to photolithographically patterned devices, with mobility of 0.6-1 cm2/V·s, threshold voltage of 2-3 V, and on/off ratios exceeding 107 for devices with channel lengths below 50μm. The wax-mask process was also used to fabricate self-aligned TFT devices, eliminating the sourcedrain contact overlap constraint.

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W.S. Wong, S.E. Ready, J. Ho, J.P. Lu, R.A. Street, "Jet-printed Lithography for Semiconductor Device Fabricationin Proc. IS&T Int'l Conf. on Digital Printing Technologies (NIP18),  2002,  pp 450 - 452,

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