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Volume: 33 | Article ID: art00011
Multipurpose Spatiomotor Capture System for Haptic and Visual Training and Testing in the Blind and Sighted
  DOI :  10.2352/ISSN.2470-1173.2021.11.HVEI-160  Published OnlineJanuary 2021

We describe the development of a multipurpose haptic stimulus delivery and spatiomotor recording system with tactile mapoverlays for electronic processing This innovative multipurpose spatiomotor capture system will serve a wide range of functions in the training and behavioral assessment of spatial memory and precise motor control for blindness rehabilitation, both for STEM learning and for navigation training and map reading. Capacitive coupling through the map-overlays to the touch-tablet screen below them allows precise recording i) of hand movements during haptic exploration of tactile raised-line images on one tablet and ii) of line-drawing trajectories on the other, for analysis of navigational errors, speed, time elapsed, etc. Thus, this system will provide for the first time in an integrated and automated manner quantitative assessments of the whole ‘perception-cognitionaction’ loop – from non-visual exploration strategies, spatial memory, precise spatiomotor control and coordination, drawing performance, and navigation capabilities, as well as of haptic and movement planning and control. The accuracy of memory encoding, in particular, can be assessed by the memory-drawing operation of the capture system. Importantly, this system allows for both remote and in-person operation. Although the focus is on visually impaired populations, the system is designed to equally serve training and assessments in the normally sighted as well.

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Lora T. Likova, Kristyo N. Mineff, Christopher W. Tyler, "Multipurpose Spatiomotor Capture System for Haptic and Visual Training and Testing in the Blind and Sightedin Proc. IS&T Int’l. Symp. on Electronic Imaging: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging,  2021,  pp 160-1 - 160-7,

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