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Volume: 7 | Article ID: art00033
Spectral-Based Ink Selection for Multiple-Ink Printing II. Optimal Ink Selection
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.1999.7.1.art00033  Published OnlineJanuary 1999

An algorithm is described to select a set of six inks from a given ink database for a spectral-based six-color printing system which minimizes metamerism. Since there are C(n, 6) ink combinations for an ink database containing n inks, the number of ink combinations is a geometric figure when n is large. There are obviously impossible ink combinations which can be removed analytically.Vector correlation analysis is first employed to remove the infeasible combinations. Utilizing the statistical primaries of a given spectral image requiring reproduction as the basis information, the ink-selection algorithm then searches for similar inks through a given ink database to obtain a few highest correlated inks for each statistical primary. Second, the ink-selection algorithm estimates the colorimetric and spectral accuracy of candidate ink sets in an empirically derived color mixing space which approximates the color formation of a halftone printing process. The candidate ink set with the highest spectral accuracy will be designated as the optimal ink set for a six color printing process thereby achieving the least metameric color reproduction.

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Di-Yuan Tzeng, Roy S. Berns, "Spectral-Based Ink Selection for Multiple-Ink Printing II. Optimal Ink Selectionin Proc. IS&T 7th Color and Imaging Conf.,  1999,  pp 182 - 187,

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