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Volume: 21 | Article ID: art00040
Integrated Color Matching Using 3D-distance for Local Region Similarity
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.2013.21.1.art00040  Published OnlineJanuary 2013

Color consistency in stereoscopic content is important for 3D display systems. Even with stereo cameras of the same model and with the same hardware settings, complex color discrepancies occur when acquiring high quality stereo images. Global matching can reduce global color discrepancies, but it is not sufficient with local color discrepancies due to different objects having different reflections and imaging models where a more exhaustive and precise process is needed. Therefore, the local matching method is added for reducing local color discrepancies. In this paper, we propose an integrated color matching method that uses an estimated 3D-distance for the stage of local matching. The distance between the current pixel and the target local region is computed using depth information and the spatial distance in the 2D image plane. The 3D-distance is then used to determine the similarity between the current pixel and the target local region. The overall algorithm is as follows. First, the cumulative histogram matching is introduced for reducing global color discrepancies. Then, the proposed local color matching is established for reducing local discrepancies. Finally, a weight-based combination of global and local matching is computed. Experimental results show the proposed algorithm has improved global and local error correction performance for stereoscopic contents with respect to other approaches.

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Ran Shu, Ho-Gun Ha, Dae-Chul Kim, Yeong-Ho Ha, "Integrated Color Matching Using 3D-distance for Local Region Similarityin Proc. IS&T 21st Color and Imaging Conf.,  2013,  pp 221 - 226,

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