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Volume: 20 | Article ID: art00038
Simulation of Paper Gloss by Point Spread Function of Specular Reflection
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.2012.20.1.art00038  Published OnlineJanuary 2012

We present a method to simulate paper gloss by using Point Spread Function of Specular Reflection (SR-PSF). The SR-PSF is defined as an impulse response of specular reflection that is distribution of light intensity reflected from microscopic facet on the surface of paper. The paper gloss is a combined phenomenon between the specular reflections from microscopic facet and macroscopic facet of paper.In this study, we measure the SR-PSFs of paper samples that have different levels of specular gloss placed on a flat sample holder. Simulations for gloss of curved paper sample are done by transforming the measured SR-PSFs as a function of angle of macroscopic facet.In the simulation, we convolve the transformed SR-PSFs with an image of a light source reflected on a cylindrically-curved specular object. Then we add the convolved light source image to an image of a sample paper placed on the curved object. The image of the sample paper is taken with polarizing filter to remove the gloss of the paper.Our results show that the gloss of the curved paper samples can be simulated depending on the specular gloss with the SR-PSF.

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Kaori Baba, Rui Takano, Shinichi Inoue, Kimiyoshi Miyata, Norimichi Tsumura, "Simulation of Paper Gloss by Point Spread Function of Specular Reflectionin Proc. IS&T 20th Color and Imaging Conf.,  2012,  pp 216 - 220,

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