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Volume: 17 | Article ID: art00046
Improved Color Reproduction by Hue Preservation in Integrated Multi-scale Retinex
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.2009.17.1.art00046  Published OnlineJanuary 2009

Tone reproduction is now widely used in the field of HDR imaging and image enhancement, especially to provide the proper luminance, so that captured images give the same sensation as the real scene. As a result, a high contrast and naturalness of colors can be obtained. In recent studies on tone reproduction with the objective of reproducing natural looking colors in digital images, an integrated multi-scale retinex (IMSR) has produced great naturalness in the resulting images. Most methods, including IMSR, work in RGB or quasi-RGB color spaces, although some methods have adopted the use of luminance. As such, this produces hue distortion from the perspective of the human visual system, that is, hue distortion in CIELAB color space. Accordingly, this paper proposes an enhanced IMSR method in a device-independent color space, CIELAB, to preserve the hue and obtain a high contrast and naturalness. To achieve the desired objectives, a captured sRGB image is transformed into CIELAB color space. The IMSR is then applied to only the L* values, thereby preserving the balance of the color components. However, since this process causes unnatural saturation, saturation adjustment is performed by applying the ratio of the chroma variation at the sRGB gamut boundary according to the corrected luminance. The adjusted CIELAB values are then transformed into sRGB using an inverse transform function. In experiments, the proposed method is shown to improve the visibility in dark shadows and bright regions in the resulting images and reduce any color distortion.

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Wang-Jun Kyung, Tae-Hyoung Lee, In-Su Jang, Cheol-Hee Lee, Yeong-Ho Ha, "Improved Color Reproduction by Hue Preservation in Integrated Multi-scale Retinexin Proc. IS&T 17th Color and Imaging Conf.,  2009,  pp 248 - 253,

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