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Volume: 14 | Article ID: art00056
Color Constancy for Multiple-Illuminant Scenes using Retinex and SVR
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.2006.14.1.art00056  Published OnlineJanuary 2006

Scenes lit by multiple colors of illumination provide a problem for color constancy and automatic white balancing algorithms. Many of these algorithms estimate a single illuminant color, but since when there are multiple illuminants, there is in fact not a single correct answer. For automatic white balancing and color-cast removal in digital images, multiple illuminants mean that a single, image-wide adjustment of colors may not yield a good result, since the adjustment that makes one image area look better, may simultaneously make another look worse. Retinex is one method that adjusts colors on a pixel-by-pixel basis, and so inherently addresses the multiple-illumination problem, but it does not always produce a perfect overall color balance. On the other hand, illumination estimation by Support Vector Regression (SVR), produces quite good overall color balance for single-illuminant scenes, but does not adjust the colors locally. By combining Retinex and SVR in to a hybrid Retinex+SVR method, some of these problems can be overcome. Experiments with both synthetic and real images show promising results.

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Weihua Xiong, Brian Funt, "Color Constancy for Multiple-Illuminant Scenes using Retinex and SVRin Proc. IS&T 14th Color and Imaging Conf.,  2006,  pp 304 - 308,

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