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Volume: 10 | Article ID: art00062
High Dynamic Range Imaging of Natural Scenes
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.2002.10.1.art00062  Published OnlineJanuary 2002

The ability to capture and render high dynamic range scenes limits the quality of current consumer and professional digital cameras. The absence of a well-calibrated high dynamic range color image database of natural scenes is an impediment to developing such rendering algorithms for digital photography. This paper describes our efforts to create such a database. First, we discuss how the image dynamic range is affected by three main components in the imaging pipeline: the optics, the sensor and the color transformation. Second, we describe a calibrated, portable high dynamic range imaging system. Third, we discuss the general properties of seventy calibrated high dynamic range images of natural scenes in the database ( We recorded the calibrated RGB values and the spectral power distribution of illumination at different locations for each scene. The scene luminance ranges span two to six orders of magnitude. Within any scene, both the absolute level and the spectral composition of the illumination vary considerably. This suggests that future high dynamic range rendering algorithms need to account jointly for local color adaptation and local illumination level.

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Feng Xiao, Jeffrey M. DiCarlo, Peter B. Catrysse, Brian A. Wandell, "High Dynamic Range Imaging of Natural Scenesin Proc. IS&T 10th Color and Imaging Conf.,  2002,  pp 337 - 342,

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