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Volume: 1 | Article ID: art00031
A Comparison Between the Rotation Terms Proposed by Recent CIELAB-Based Color-Difference Formulas
  DOI :  10.2352/CGIV.2002.1.1.art00031  Published OnlineJanuary 2002

The rotation terms proposed by the BFD, LCD and CIEDE2000 color-difference formulas have been compared. These rotation terms are considered as the result of an interaction between chroma-differences and hue-differences, which doesn't exist in other recent CIELAB-based formulas, such as JPC79, CMC or CIE94. 3D plots of the rotation terms against chroma and hueangle show similar gaussian-shaped functions for LCD and CIEDE2000, while BFD propose a different function with 3 peaks at different hue angles. Deviation with respect to the radial orientation for the major axis of a*b* color-discrimination ellipses (tilt) is the main conesquence of a rotation term. Thus, the tilts of 151 experimental ellipses for surface colors have been compared with predictions made by the different formulas. For 31 ellipses in the blue zone (220° < h < 300°) the best performance was found for BFD (19.6° absolute average error), followed by LCD (21.4°), CIEDE2000 (22.0°), and radial formulas such as CIE94 (31.7°). For 31 ellipses in the orange zone (10° < h < 70°) a very similar performance was found for all the formulas. Specifically, we feel that the rotation term proposed by CIEDE2000 cannot be improved from the experimental tilts of the ellipses considered here.

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M. Melgosa, R. Huertas, A. Yebra, E. Hita, "A Comparison Between the Rotation Terms Proposed by Recent CIELAB-Based Color-Difference Formulasin Proc. IS&T CGIV 2002 First European Conf. on Colour in Graphics, Imaging, and Vision,  2002,  pp 136 - 139,

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