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Increasing Online Photo Gift Sales Through Emotional Interplay
  DOI :  10.2352/ISSN.2169-4672.2009.2.0.36  Published OnlineJanuary 2009

Understanding the rapid advances in image processing and photo gift creation technology is a challenge for the traditional customer. For them, it is hard to imagine what great products can be made out of their personal photos let alone visualize how they will eventually look. Photo gift producers need a tool to show their clients the possibilities available. In 2007, Personello, the German photo gift company, interviewed 500 potential photo gift clients and found out that there were two major reasons why potential clients did not buy a photo gift. Reason One: Clients felt they did not have a suitable image. Reason Two: Many clients preferred traditional products like mugs because they did not want to risk buying something they couldn't imagine. We took our studies one step further and analyzed what made our customer's photos unsuitable, and discovered that a lot of good images were spoiled by bad backgrounds. As a result of this, Personello created the DAZZ. com 'Photostyle' creation service which eliminates the original background of the customer's photo, restyles it and sets it into a collection of new backgrounds to suit a variety of products and occasions. In order to introduce the customer to our complete range of photo gift products, and give them a variety to choose from, their collection of 'Photostyles' is presented on all of our photo gifts. To recreate a store-like shopping experience the customer can take a closer look at the gift by clicking on the picture. A video file opens enabling the customer to visualise the final product from all sides. For example, see jigsaw pieces drop onto a desk and fly together piece by piece until the customer's personal image appears. The DAZZ. com service increases the customer base by opening up a channel to reach out to new customers who previously considered their photos unworthy. Once the customer sees the 3D video clips of their restyled photo on a range of products an emotional bond is created to the product which, more often than not, leads to a sale. The innovative video presentation serves to create a buzz amongst users triggering them to share their experience with others. This paper outlines the problems that hold potential customers back from having a photo gift made, and shows how offering choice and providing entertainment can arouse emotions that stimulate customers to buy. Thus increasing photo gift sales.

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