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Contrast Sensitivity Functions for HDR Displays
  DOI :  10.2352/issn.2694-118X.2020.LIM-28  Published OnlineSeptember 2020

Contrast sensitivity functions (CSFs) characterize the sensitivity of the human visual system at different spatial frequencies. However, little is known about CSFs at luminances above 1000 cd/m2, especially for color. Here, we measured contrast sensitivities at background luminances from 0.02 cd/m2 to 7000 cd/m2 and for three color directions (black-white or achromatic, red-green, and yellow-violet). Stimuli were Gabor patches of various spatial frequencies (0.125 to 6 cpd), displayed on a custom-built high dynamic range display (peak luminance: 15,000 cd/m2). We found that achromatic contrast sensitivity has an inverted U-shape as a function of background luminance, with peak sensitivity at 200 cd/m2, while red-green and yellow-violet contrast sensitivities were monotonic functions of background luminance, saturating at 200 cd/m2. Based on these measurements, we developed a model that predicts contrast sensitivity for the average observer. This model is intended for applications in high dynamic range imaging.

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Minjung Kim, Maliha Ashraf, María Pérez-Ortiz, Jasna Martinovic, Sophie Wuerger, Rafał K. Mantiuk, "Contrast Sensitivity Functions for HDR Displaysin Proc. IS&T London Imaging Meeting 2020: Future Colour Imaging,  2020,  pp 44 - 48,

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