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Volume: 59 | Article ID: jist0100
Measuring the Relative Image Contrast of Projection Displays
  DOI :  10.2352/J.ImagingSci.Technol.2015.59.3.030404  Published OnlineMay 2015

Projection displays, compared to other modern display technologies, have many unique advantages. However, the image quality assessment of projection displays has not been well studied so far. In this paper, we propose an objective approach to measure the relative contrast of projection displays based on the pictures taken with a calibrated digital camera in a dark room where the projector is the only light source. A set of carefully selected natural images is modified to generate multiple levels of image contrast. In order to enhance the validity, reliability, and robustness of our research, we performed the experiments in similar viewing conditions at two separate geographical locations with different projection displays. In each location, we had a group of observers to give perceptual ratings. Further, we adopted state-of-art contrast measures to evaluate the relative contrast of the acquired images. The experimental results suggest that the Michelson contrast measure performs the worst, as expected, while other global contrast measures perform relatively better, but they have less correlation with the perceptual ratings than local contrast measures. The local contrast measures perform better than global contrast measures for all test images, but all contrast measures failed on the test images with low luminance or dominant colors and without texture areas. In addition, the high correlations between the experimental results for the two projections displays indicate that our proposed assessment approach is valid, reliable, and consistent.

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Ping Zhao, Marius Pedersen, Jon Yngve Hardeberg, Jean-Baptiste Thomas, "Measuring the Relative Image Contrast of Projection Displaysin Journal of Imaging Science and Technology,  2015,  pp 030404-1 - 030404-13,

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  • received March 2015
  • accepted June 2015
  • PublishedMay 2015

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