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Volume: 54 | Article ID: art00010
Can a Corona Discharge Explain the Body Image of the Turin Shroud?
  DOI :  10.2352/J.ImagingSci.Technol.2010.54.2.020508  Published OnlineMarch 2010

The body image visible on the Turin Shroud (TS) has not yet been explained by science; this article proposes a hypothesis of image formation based on corona discharge (CD). Even if the environmental hypotheses relative to CD can be refined, many facts detected on the TS body image seem in agreement with the characteristics of an energy connected to CD and related to the human body enveloped in it. After a synthesis of the proposed imaging mechanisms and a presentation of the main characteristics of CD, the results, both at macroscopic and microscopic levels, of some experiments are presented and discussed also in light of some comments coming from scholars of Shroud Science Group. The results support the hypothesized mechanism of image formation and they show no appreciable chemical-physical differences from the image features of the TS. Therefore they confirm that the proposed CD mechanism could have been involved in the TS body image formation.

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