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Volume: 53 | Article ID: art00009
Environmental Testing of Fine Interconnections Ink Jet-Printed on Flexible Organic Substrates
  DOI :  10.2352/J.ImagingSci.Technol.2009.53.4.041204  Published OnlineJuly 2009

This article introduces ink jet-printed nanoparticle-based silver ink for integrated circuit interconnections. The environmental reliability of these interconnections at varying temperatures has not been exhaustively reported nor their electrical resistance tested at constant humidity. The authors ran two environmental tests to examine the reliability of ink jet-printed interconnections: 1000 h at 85° C at 85% relative humidity (RH) to evaluate the effects of humidity and 1000 cycles at -40° C – 125° C for the effects of temperature based on common industrial test standards. Results showed no silver degradation, and the electrical resistance fluctuated ∼3-6% for humidity and ∼5-6% for temperature. The results were mathematically modeled to understand the acceleration factor in the humidity test in the chosen user condition, i.e., at 50% RH at room temperature and at time-to-fail in the temperature cycling. The ink jet-printed interconnections showed good reliability.

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Umur Caglar, Kimmo Kaija, Pauliina Mansikkamäki, "Environmental Testing of Fine Interconnections Ink Jet-Printed on Flexible Organic Substratesin Journal of Imaging Science and Technology,  2009,  pp 41204-1 - 41204-5,

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