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Volume: 47 | Article ID: art00012
A Feasibility Study of Spectral Color Reproduction
  DOI :  10.2352/J.ImagingSci.Technol.2003.47.6.art00012  Published OnlineNovember 2003

Efforts to construct end-to-end color reproduction systems based on the preservation of scene spectral data are ongoing at the Munsell Color Science Laboratory. The goal of this end-to-end color-reproduction research was the examination of the possibilities and limitations of commercial input and output devices. The goal of the particular research reported in this article is to produce hardcopy results that are spectrally matched to original colors. The approach described consisted of scene capture using a trichromatic digital camera combined with multiple filtration, image processing, and four color ink jet printing. Both scene input and printed output were defined spectrally. The spectral-based printing separation algorithm produced the least metameric reproduction compared to the original scene using a computationally feasible approach. Results showed an average end-to-end system accuracy of 1.5 delta-E00 and spectral reflectance rms error of 0.9% between measured and reproduced reflectances for a printed target of 55 colors.

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Francisco H. Imai, David R. Wyble, Roy S. Berns, Di-Yuan Tzeng, "A Feasibility Study of Spectral Color Reproductionin Journal of Imaging Science and Technology,  2003,  pp 543 - 553,

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