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Volume: 47 | Article ID: art00007
The Influence of Silver Halide Crystal Thickness on Image Tone
  DOI :  10.2352/J.ImagingSci.Technol.2003.47.2.art00007  Published OnlineMarch 2003

It is known that the neutral image tone of a developed photographic film becomes brownish when the thickness of the original silver halide tabular crystals is reduced. We investigate by electron microscopy to what extent the silver filament structure has changed and how it induces the shift in image tone. Therefore, two samples of AgBr {111} tabular crystals with average thicknesses of 160 nm and 90 nm respectively, are compared. It is shown that the dimensions and defect structure of the filaments are comparable, but that the 90 nm crystals result in a more widely spaced structure, which explains the shift in image tone on a qualitative level. The influence of the addition of an image toner, i.e., phenylmercaptotetrazole, on the filament structure is also investigated. An even more open filament structure of longer, but smaller filaments was observed.

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W. Van Renterghem, D. Schryvers, J. Van Landuyt, C. Van Roost, R. De Keyzer, "The Influence of Silver Halide Crystal Thickness on Image Tonein Journal of Imaging Science and Technology,  2003,  pp 133 - 138,

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