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Volume: 33 | Article ID: art00015
Using ACES Look Modification Transforms (LMTs) in VFX Environments – Part 2: Gamut Mapping
  DOI :  10.2352/ISSN.2470-1173.2021.3.MOBMU-108  Published OnlineJune 2021

In modern moving image production pipelines, it is unavoidable to move the footage through different color spaces. Unfortunately, these color spaces exhibit color gamuts of various sizes. The most common problem is converting the cameras’ widegamut color spaces to the smaller gamuts of the display devices (cinema projector, broadcast monitor, computer display). So it is necessary to scale down the scene-referred footage to the gamut of the display using tone mapping functions [34].In a cinema production pipeline, ACES is widely used as the predominant color system. The all-color compassing ACES AP0 primaries are defined inside the system in a general way. However, when implementing visual effects and performing a color grade, the more usable ACES AP1 primaries are in use. When recording highly saturated bright colors, color values are often outside the target color space. This results in negative color values, which are hard to address inside a color pipeline. "Users of ACES are experiencing problems with clipping of colors and the resulting artifacts (loss of texture, intensification of color fringes). This clipping occurs at two stages in the pipeline: <list list-type="simple"> <list-item>- Conversion from camera raw RGB or from the manufacturer’s encoding space into ACES AP0</list-item> <list-item>- Conversion from ACES AP0 into the working color space ACES AP1" [1]</list-item> </list>The ACES community established a Gamut Mapping Virtual Working Group (VWG) to address these problems. The group’s scope is to propose a suitable gamut mapping/compression algorithm. This algorithm should perform well with wide-gamut, high dynamic range, scene-referred content. Furthermore, it should also be robust and invertible. This paper tests the behavior of the published GamutCompressor when applied to in- and out-ofgamut imagery and provides suggestions for application implementation. The tests are executed in The Foundry’s Nuke [2].

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Eberhard Hasche, Oliver Karaschewski, Reiner Creutzburg, "Using ACES Look Modification Transforms (LMTs) in VFX Environments – Part 2: Gamut Mappingin Proc. IS&T Int’l. Symp. on Electronic Imaging: Mobile Devices and Multimedia: Technologies, Algorithms &amp; Applications,  2021,  pp 108-1 - 108-14,

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