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Volume: 23 | Article ID: art00029
Critical spectra in the color reproduction process of digital motion picture cameras
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.2015.23.1.art00029  Published OnlineOctober 2015

Most cameras resolve a color stimulus by three spectral sensitivity responses. Commonly, these do not satisfy the Luther-Ives condition. Hence, there is no linear mapping between the camera's RGB values and the CIE XYZ tristimulus values. Although more complex methods for camera characterization have been proposed, none can solve the issues caused by camera metamerism: While being different to the human eyes, certain stimuli will induce the same RGB response in the camera. To investigate color reproduction errors and the effects of device metamerism, metameric spectra must be found. Previously proposed methods generate metameric pairs artificially. We present a method for finding metameric pairs within a database of real-world measured spectra, which we believe has more practical utility than methods employing synthesized metameric pairs. By using measured camera sensitivities and reflectances from the SOCS database we can identify metamers with a real-world occurrence possibility. We characterize critical spectra by type of object and by hue, considering both CIE illuminants and real-world LED fixtures.

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Manuel Leonhardt, Harald Brendel, "Critical spectra in the color reproduction process of digital motion picture camerasin Proc. IS&T 23rd Color and Imaging Conf.,  2015,  pp 167 - 170,

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