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Color Spaces: Language and Framework for Color
  DOI :  10.2352/CIC.1993.1.1.art00002  Published OnlineJanuary 1993

What color is it? This is a deceptively simple question with a surprisingly complex answer. Color is thought of in many ways. It can be a certain kind of light or material, its effect on the human eye or the perceived effect in the mind of the viewer. The description of a color can evolve from instrumental measurement or from human visual assessment and in turn, such data can be further embellished by the human observer in the communication of color information. Color is also strongly affected by the context in which it is viewed with surrounding colors having a marked effect on perceived sensation. As a result, the accurate description of color is often problematic.Over the years, numerous Color Spaces have evolved to facilitate the systematic definition and specification of color. These schemes vary tremendously in their design principles and, consequently, in the level of accuracy, repeatability and intuitiveness with which they define color sensation. Each is also realized somewhat differently. Some providing purely mathematical three-dimensional descriptions of color while others embody physical samples to illustrate a color as well as its relationship to other colors. Some attempt to equate numerical representation with a perceptual correlate while others have no basis in color perception at all.Such Color Spaces can be considered both language and framework—providing a system of reference and, in some cases, of order where the relationships between colors is easily communicated or perceived and a given color can be defined in relation to all other colors. This paper will provide a brief review of color spaces emphasizing their structure, use, and underscoring their role in the effective transformation and transportability of color.

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