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Piezoelectric-based Monitoring of Pressure Variations in Inkjet Printhead
  DOI :  10.2352/AIT.2024.1.1.31  Published OnlineJanuary 2024

The popularity of inkjet technology is growing in the industry due to the many benefits it brings. However, the complexity of the process and hardware required to deliver a drop on demand accurately and at high speed poses a reliability challenge. With many complex parameters in the ink and printhead affecting drop quality, maintaining a stable environment is key. There has been increasing interest in sensing technologies that use the piezoelectric actuator in the nozzle to measure the acoustic response of the nozzle chamber. Several papers have been published on the use of piezo sensing to detect nozzle status. The aim of this paper is to present an innovative way of measuring the ink pressure within the nozzle chamber by sensing the piezoelectric response. Driving and measurement are performed using custom hardware to quantify the acoustic response of the system after actuation of the piezo. The variations in the dominant frequency of the response signal can then be correlated with variations in pressure. This method makes it possible to measure pressure variations along the print head, opening up a range of new possibilities for identifying events that can have a direct impact on print quality.

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Loïc Bullot, Carlos Chabert Ull, Sebastian Filliger, Luca Brügger, "Piezoelectric-based Monitoring of Pressure Variations in Inkjet Printheadin Advanced Inkjet Technology,  2024,  pp 21 - 24,

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